What is 8 Ball Pool?


8 ball pool games are the most popular version of competitive and exhibitional billiards game in the world. It is the most played variant of the pool games in both the international professional and amateur competition. The game shares the same spirit of the usual multi colored balls on a green table with players trying to hit the balls with a stick and pocket them into the holes in the table. In 8 ball pool, players compete against each other to be the first to pocket all the balls and finally pocket the elusive number 8 ball.


8 Ball in Skill4Win

8 ball pool game play in Skill4win is played in the same way the game is played in real life, but the winner here takes home the bragging rights as well as some hard cash as prize. The game consists of 2 players playing against each other on a pool table shown from the top-angle view. Each player takes turn to hit the balls and and pocket them. The target for each player is differentiated by different types of colored balls but the 8 ball is the common target for both. So, player who hits and pockets all their balls and finally pockets the 8 ball, is the winner.



The game consists of the green pool table and 15 multi colored balls numbered from 1 to 15 with the first seven balls from 1 to 7 completely colored, called as Solids and 9 to 15 balls partially colored with a white stripe in between, called appropriately stripes. But the differentiating factor among the balls- the Black 8 Ball,the signature name of the game. Due to the differently colored balls, the game is also famously called as Stripes & Solids. These balls are hit using a stick called the cue, which is used to hit a white ball called the cue ball, which will in turn hit the colored balls into 6 pockets on the pool table.The balls are arranged in a particular position on the table using a triangular piece, called the ‘rack’.


Game Play

The game is played between two players who join on the same table. The player to go first is randomly chosen. The first player gets to hit the triangular rack first. This is called as “Breaking the Rack” or in short “Break”. The players turn changes to next player if the previous player fails to pocket a ball or a foul is committed. Thus if while breaking, the first player does not pocket any balls, then the turn is skipped to next player. If a ball is pocketed, and the same type of ball is pocketed in the next turn, then whatever type of ball it is, Solids or Stripes, that type will become the player’s target and the other type will be the opponent’s target. So if while breaking, or after turn skip, and consecutive pocketing, the player pockets a solid colored ball, then that player will be Solid and the opponent will be Stripe and vice versa. The Player who chooses solids has to strike only the Solid color balls which are numbered 1 to 7 and the player with stripes has to strike only Striped balls numbered 9 to 15.


How to Win

The game continues with each player either pocketing their respective balls or their turns skipping, Only when a particular player pockets all 7 of their respective Solid or Stripe balls, can they target the 8 Ball, until then any player directly hitting the 8 ball will be fouled and pocketing the 8 ball will result in opponent win. When all 7 of the either solids or stripes are pocketed, the player will have to target the 8 ball and “call the pocket” where they are targeting the ball towards. When the 8 ball is successfully pocketed, the player is declared winner and the win pot money will go that player.


In Conclusion

The main endgame is to pocket all of your set of balls and then finally, the 8-ball before your opponent pockets all of their balls and the 8-ball. By learning the different strategies and nuances of the 8 ball pool, a player can pocket the 8 ball and win.


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