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8 Ball Pool


Skill4Win 8 ball Pool for Mobile is the first of its kind, real time multiplayer pool game for cash that every pool enthusiast player has been waiting for. Players can now come experience the real 8 ball pool play online contest on their mobile devices. Skill4Win offers players the option to play the game for cash and win real money or play for 8 ball pool free and have fun. There are multiple cash game types ranging right from Rs.5 to Rs.2000. Players can now play 8 ball pool and win real cash everyday. All you need to do is download the Skill4Win 8 ball android app from our download page and start playing with your existing Skill4Win account.You can create a new account within the app if you are new to the site.

8 Ball Pool

What is 8 Ball?

8 ball Pool game is one of the more popular variant of competitive snooker and billiards games in the world. This is the most played version of all pool games in all amateur and professional Billiards competitions. It is very similar to most of the pool games played with multi-colored balls on a green-mat table. The main target for the game is the namesake of the game, the black 8 numbered ball on the table, that needs to be pocketed after pocketing all the rest of the balls in order.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool Games?

8 ball pool game is played between two (2) players who take turns to play on the table and the player to pocket the ball numbered 8 wins the game. There are 15 colored balls with 7 balls colored in solid colors and 7 balls with stripes to differentiate between them. The solids are numbered from 1 to 7 and stripes from 9 to 15. Each player is assigned a set of balls, solids or stripes, which have to be pocketed before pocketing the ball 8.

One of the player starts the game, by breaking the rack formation on the start of the table and pocket the balls. The ball type of the pocketed ball, either stripes or solid, becomes that players target group, the other type will belong to opponent.

Now the players have to compete in pocketing all 7 of their target group balls, to be eligible to attempt pocketing the 8 ball. The player who pockets all 7 of their group and also legally pockets the 8 ball at the end, becomes the winner. Read more to know how to play 8 ball pool games?

Play 8 Ball for Cash in Skill4Win

8 ball pool play online game in Skill4Win is played with real cash and you get to win hard cash on winning a match. There are different cash tables starting from Rs.5 to all the way upto Rs.2000. The player can select a cash table of choice from the list of tables available. Based on the table selected entry fee is deducted from the player's account. The total bet becomes the Win amount distributed to the winner after deduction of game management fee or rake.

One player is randomly chosen to start the game by breaking the rack, using the virtual cue stick provided and the hit meter to adjust the force of the shot. On breaking, the usual pocket 8 ball rules apply and if the player pockets a ball, they continue playing and when a player misses to pocket a ball, their turn skips. Turns for players can also skip if the turn timer end. So keep a close watch on the timer. The players keep playing until they pocket all the balls of their group and ultimately one player pockets the 8 ball. The player successfully pocketing the 8 ball wins the match and as well as the real cash placed as bet.

The games are played between two players, each on their mobile devices, competing on the same table at the same time, with the pool table shown from the top-angle view. Click here to download our 8 ball pool apk.

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