What is 8 Ball Multiplayer Tournaments?

8 Ball Multiplayer Tournaments


Play your favourite multiplayer game, 8 Ball pool in tournaments on Skill4Win. Skill4Win now offers 8 Ball pool in the all new tournament flavor. Why play against only a single opponent when you can compete with hundreds and prove your mettle in 8 ball pool. Register and play the 8 ball pool tournaments and climb the leaderboard to win big cash prizes

What are 8 ball pool Tournaments?

8 Ball pool Tournament is a the same 8 ball pool game format where a large number of players can compete against each other in the same 8 ball pool game. The tournaments are structured like a race, where the players start with the same number of chips and play against multiple players for a fixed amount of time. The player with the maximum chips in the end will win the tournament.

Types of Tournaments

Players can choose among various types of tournament styles available under "Tournaments" tab from the game lobby.

  • Cash Tournaments: Players have to buy-in into these tournaments using their real cash balance on the site.
  • Freeroll Tournaments: Players can buy-in into these tournaments for Free and win real cash as prize.
  • Beginner Tournaments: Only new players to the site can access this type of tournaments. There is no buy-in similar to Freeroll.


How to Register for a Tournament?

Registration to a tournament can done by logging into the game lobby and doing the following

  • Login into Skill4win site and go to game lobby by clicking Cash Games
  • Go to "Tournaments" tab.
  • Go to a tournament type you would like to register.
  • Select a tournament where you see the “Register” button.
  • Click on the “Register” button, tournament info lobby page will open with all the details about the tournament. On clicking “Register” button on the info page, a confirmation popup is shown. Click “Yes” on confirmation popup to register for the tournament

General Rules

  • Eligibility criteria must be followed to be able to play the tournaments.
  • All the tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time given in the Tournament Lobby.
  • Skill4win reserves the right to cancel or delay a tournament without prior notice.
  • However, tournaments will not begin if there are less registrations than the minimum possible participants. In such cases, tournaments will be cancelled & fee paid by the participants, if any, will be refunded.
  • All the Important information regarding a tournament, like, length of levels, re-buy and break information, can be found in the tournament info page from the game lobby. Skill4win reserves the right to change any such informations at any time without prior notice.


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