8 Ball Pool Rules


Online game 8 ball is played with fifteen numbered object balls and the cue ball. The shooter’s group of seven balls (one through seven or nine through fifteen) must all be off the table before he attempts to pocket the 8 ball to win.


1. Determining First Break

Determined by random selection.


2. 8 Ball Rack

Automatic; the triangular rack is placed automatically by the system at the start of the game.


3. Break Shot

The following rules apply to the break shot:

  • The cue ball begins in hand behind the head string.
  • No ball/pocket is called, and the cue ball is not required to hit any particular object ball first.
  • If the breaker pockets a ball and does not foul, he continues at the table, and the table remains open.
  • If no object ball is pocketed, play goes to the next player.
  • Pocketing the 8 ball on a legal break shot is not a foul. The rack is reset and opponent has turn to break.
  • If the breaker fouls in any manner not listed above, the following player has ball in hand.


4. Open Table/Choosing Groups

Before ball groups are determined, the table is said to be “open,” and before each shot, the shooter must call his intended ball. If the shooter legally pockets his called ball, the corresponding group becomes his, and his opponent is assigned the other group. If he fails to legally pocket his called ball, the table remains open and play passes to the other player. When the table is “open”, any object ball may be struck first except the 8 ball.


5. Continuing Play

The shooter remains at the table as long as he continues to legally pocket called balls, or he wins the rack by pocketing the 8 ball.


6. Shots Required to Be Called

No Call Shots are applicable for now.


7. Spotting Balls

No. Balls are not spotted and each pocket has compulsory consequences.


8. Losing the Rack

The shooter loses if he

  • Scratches when pocketing the 8 ball; or
  • pockets the 8 ball before his group is cleared;


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