8 Ball Pool Standard Fouls


If the shooter commits a foul, play passes to his opponent with ball is in hand. Most of the fouls will result in a ball in hand for the other player after the player’s turn.


1. Cue Ball Scratch

If the cue ball is pocketed, the shot is a foul.


2. Cue Ball Not Hitting Your Own Balls

If the white doesn’t make contact with one of your own balls before hitting your opponent’s balls, or it misses altogether, this is a foul.


3. No Rail After Contact

If no ball is pocketed on a shot, the cue ball must contact an object ball, and after that contact at least one ball (cue ball or any object ball) must be driven to a rail, or the shot is a foul. Simply put, if neither the object ball nor the cue ball hit the rail around the edge of the table, this is a foul. This is to designed to prevent negative play


4. Slow Play

If the shooter exceeds the time limit specified i.e. the turn timer, a standard foul will be called and the incoming player is rewarded according to the rules applicable to the game being played.


5. Potting the 8 Ball:

The following situations are fouls, and result in the win being awarded to the other player.

  • Potting the 8 Ball before all your object balls has been potted.
  • Potting the cue ball and the 8 Ball on the same shot.
  • Potting any coloured ball before the 8 Ball on the same shot.
  • In a game that requires calling pocket on the 8 Ball, potting the 8 Ball into an uncalled pocket.


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