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* Please do not click back, refresh or close the window, as this will end the game in the middle and you could lose the challenge.

Play 9 Ball Pool Billiards Game Online for Cash

In this multiplayer 9 Ball Billiards game players can earn money by winning challenges. Players can create a contest and challenge other players to beat their scores or break challenges created by other players to win cash money.

Create Challenge:

To create a challenge you will have to click on Rs.5, Rs.20, Rs.50 or Rs.100 button in the Create Challenge area of the game. Once you click money is deducted from your account and a new challenge is created. Players will have to score the maximum points within the given time. After the game score is recorded and put for challenge for other players to break it. If a challenger scores less than your score you win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win management fee. If you have created a Rs.100 challenge you will win Rs.200 minus Skill4Win game management fee.

Break Challenge:

You can also see challenges created by others and break them to earn money. You can see a list of challenges created by other players along with the entry fee and winner fee. To break a challenge click on the break button. After you click on the break button money is deducted from your deposit and game begins. If you manage to score higher than the player who created the challenge you will win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win game management fee.

What is 9 Ball?

9 Ball is an online pocket billiards game played with 9 ball in the billiards table. In this 9 Ball online cash game players should pocket the ball numbered 9 in the shortest period of time to score high to win cash prize. The only legal shot allowed is that the cue ball should first hit the lowest numbered ball in the table. The 9 Ball can only be pocketed after all the rest of the balls have been pocketed. Targeting the 9 ball in spite of a lower number ball still present on the table is an illegal shot and a Foul is counted. If the 9 Ball is pocketed indirectly through a legal shot, the 9 Ball is returned to its former position on the table and no foul is considered.

Aim the Cue: Use the mouse to aim the cue on the lowest number ball in the table which is highlighted.

Click & Drag Mouse: Set power by clicking and dragging the left mouse button away from the direction you are aiming.

Take the Shot: When you are happy with the power, release the mouse button to take the shot.

Use Arrow Key: By using the arrow keys or mouse, you can change the collision point on the cue ball.

9 Ball Pool Rules:

1. The lower numbered ball must be hit first for the shot to be legal. 10 points will be rewarded for a legal hit.

2. Hitting a higher number ball on the first hit is foul.

3. Pocketing the cue ball is foul.

4. On a legal shot, pot any ball to get 500 points.

5. Pocketing 9 ball is valid only after all the balls are pocketed in order from 1 to 8.

6. Pocketing the 9 Ball directly, is a Foul and the ball will be returned to the table.

7. Pocketing the 9 Ball indirectly (eg. along with another ball) with a legal shot, is not a foul, but the 9 ball is returned to the table.

8. Pocketing multiple balls at a single shot will give 250 points extra for every ball.

9. Increase the combo bonus by 100 points by continuous potting.

10. Missing to pot a ball will reduce the combo bonus by 100 points.

11. On a foul shot the combo bonus will be reset to zero points.

12. Three consecutive fouls will end the game.

13. For every second saved get additional 50 points.

14. Pot all nine balls before time runs out to get achievement bonus.

Play Online 9 Ball Pocket Billiards for Free:

9 ball pocket billiards game is available for free to practise. Once players have familiarized themselves players can break challenges set by other players or create new challenges.

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