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9 Ball Pool Game:

9 ball Tournament


Skill4Win 9 ball tournament are massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) where thousands of Snooker and Billiard players compete online against each other to win coveted prize money and show who is the boss of the game.

9 Ball is an online pocket billiards game played with 9 ball in the billiards table. Players should pocket the balls in a sequence of 1 to 9 at the shortest period of time to score high to win the championship of tournament.

Skill4Win 9 Ball massive multiplayer online tournament follows a leaderboard style of competition where snooker and billiards players play 9 ball online and record their scores during the tournament time. The player who scores the highest during the tournament time is declared as winner.

What more players are also given a chance to better their scores using the re-entry option. We understand there may be scenarios where the player is not able to score to the best of his abilities and if a player feels he can better the score the player can use the re-buy option to get one more shot at the championship.

There are different categories of 9 ball tournaments for a player to participate in

  • Cash Tournament
  • Freeroll Tournament
  • Ticketed Tournament

To join a tournament click on the Cash Games link in the home page, this will open a game lobby in a new window of your browser. You will find a tab called tournaments which will list the various tournaments scheduled for the game. Click on the register button and it will show all the details about the tournament from start time to end time, number of participants, prize money and rebuy options available etc. Click on the register button to register yourself for a game of 9 ball.

During the tournament time click on the join button and play the game. Tournament results will be updated at the end of the tournament schedule. Use the 9 ball available in the practise game to upgrade your skills to win the championship


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