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* Please do not click back, refresh or close the window, as this will end the game in the middle and you could lose the challenge.

Play Match 3 Games Online for Cash

In this multiplayer Match 3 cash game players can earn money by winning challenges. Players can create a contest and challenge other players to beat their scores or break challenges created by other players to win cash money.

Create Challenge:

To create a challenge you will have to click on Rs.5, Rs.20, Rs.50 or Rs.100 button in the Create Challenge area of the game. Once you click money is deducted from your account and a new challenge is created. Players will have to score the maximum points within the given time. After the game score is recorded and put for challenge for other players to break it. If a challenger scores less than your score you win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win management fee. If you have created a Rs.100 challenge you will win Rs.200 minus Skill4Win game management fee.

Break Challenge:

You can also see challenges created by others and break them to earn money. You can see a list of challenges created by other players along with the entry fee and winner fee. To break a challenge click on the break button. After you click on the break button money is deducted from your deposit and game begins. If you manage to score higher than the player who created the challenge you will win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win game management fee.

What is Aqua Adventure?

Aqua adventure is a match 3 games with a different spin. Players familiar with three tiles matching games in this genre like bejeweled, candy crush this game is easy to pick up. Match 3 games also known as tile-matching games are popular for the ability of player to identify patterns and match the objects which are randomly placed in a board.

In Aqua adventure there are different fishes of different colors placed in a random manner in the board. The player will have to spin a group of three fishes in such a manner that they form a match of same fishes around it. Once the match is made the fishes disappear and new set of fishes appear.

Aqua adventure is designed to be a multi-player games where players can challenge others to beat scores or break high score challenges created by other players. The practise games are available for free but players can also pay for cash by creating challenges.

You will have to spin and rotate a group of fishes to form a match of three identical fishes. Once the match is made fishes disappear and fishes from above fall down. Players score for each match made. If with a single spin players are able to make more than one match extra points are awarded for the same. The games has ten different levels that need to be completed in 5 minutes. With each level the complexity of the game increases.

How to Earn Bonus Points?

Sting Fish : Matching three sting fish of any color gives a bonus score.

Star fish: Starfish is created when a player surrounds a fish with similar type fishes. Star Fish enables players to rotate all fishes around them and help to get large combos and higher scores.

Timer fish : A timer fish should be matched before the timer count reaches Zero. A Timer Fish can be matched with similar color fishes.

Killer Fish : If a Killer Fish reaches the bottom of the play area the game gets over. The player will have to match the Killer Fish with fishes of the same color before it reaches the bottom.

Power pearl: When a fish is surrounded by star fishes it forms power pearl. Power Pearl gives extra capabilities of moving fish around to make large combos and increase the score.

3 Power pearl: Players win the game when they make a combination of 3 Power Pearl or can keep playing till they get a high score.

Play online Match 3 Aqua Adventure for Free

Aqua Adventure match 3 games is available for free to practise. Once players have familiarized themselves players can break challenges set by other players or create new challenges.

How to Play Aqua Adventure Game?
How to Create Challenge in Aqua Adventure?
How to Break Challenge in Aqua Adventure?


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