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Match 3 Game Aqua adventure:

Aqua Adventure Tournament


Cash Tournaments are the most common type of online tournaments for any game. Here the entry criteria is the prescribed “Entry Fee” that needs to be paid by a player to participate in the tournament. The rewards are also in cash, where the winning amount is distributed from the pool of “entry fees” collected from every player. A separate “Game Fee” is collected by Skill4Win for conducting the tournament. This game for you pride your skills in popular match 3 games like Candy Crush, Bejeweled etc. Than it is time to showcase your skill and become champion of the Match 3 Game. Skill4Win tournament are massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) where thousands of Match 3 players compete online in its popular version of Match 3 game Aqua Adventure may be included in the entry fee, or may be collected separately from the players.

Aqua Adventure is a match 3 game with a different spin. Players familiar with three tiles matching games popular in this genre like bejeweled, candy crush will find it very easy to pick this game. In this Match 3 game different fishes of different colors are placed in a random manner in the board. The player will have to spin a group of three fishes in such a manner that they form a match of same fishes around it.

The Aqua Adventure cash tournaments follow a leaderboard style where the best of match 3 players compete for the championship position and cash prize. There is a specific start and end time for the tournament during which players can come and register their best of scores by playing the match 3 game of Aqua adventure online. The players can play the game as many times as they want by using the rebuy option which gives the players an option to re-enter the game and score better than what they scored earlier.

There are different categories of Match 3 tournament for a player to participate in

  • Cash Tournament
  • Freeroll Tournament
  • Ticketed Tournament

Players will have to register for the tournament as there are limited entries only available. To register for a tournament click on the Cash Games link in the home page. A new game lobby will open in a new window of your browser. You will find a tab called tournaments which will list the various Match 3 tournaments scheduled. Click on the register button and it will open a page which shall display all the details about the tournament from start time to end time, number of participants, prize money and rebuy options available etc. Click on the register button to register yourself for Match 3 tournament.

During the tournament time click on the join button and play the game. Tournament results will be updated at the end of the tournament schedule. Use the Aqua adventure game available in the practise game to upgrade your skills to win the championship.



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