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* Please do not click back, refresh or close the window, as this will end the game in the middle and you could lose the challenge.

Play Match 2 Memory Games Online for Cash

In this multiplayer match 2 memory games players can earn money by winning challenges. Players can create a contest and challenge other players to beat their scores or break challenges created by other players to win cash money.

Create Challenge:

To create a challenge you will have to click on Rs.5, Rs.20, Rs.50 or Rs.100 button in the Create Challenge area of the game. Once you click money is deducted from your account and a new challenge is created. Players will have to score the maximum points within the given time. After the game score is recorded and put for challenge for other players to break it. If a challenger scores less than your score you win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win management fee. If you have created a Rs.100 challenge you will win Rs.200 minus Skill4Win game management fee.

Break Challenge:

You can also see challenges created by others and break them to earn money. You can see a list of challenges created by other players along with the entry fee and winner fee. To break a challenge click on the break button. After you click on the break button money is deducted from your deposit and game begins. If you manage to score higher than the player who created the challenge you will win the challenge money after deduction of Skill4Win game management fee.

What is Brain Train?

Brain Train is an online memory match game. Players will have to match same pairs of images that are hidden behind the tiles in this multiplayer online memory games. Players click on hidden tile to reveal the image and will have to find a matching image from the hidden ones. If a match is not found tiles remain hidden. This game challenges and develops gamers memory, recognition, and concentration skills and improves players photographic short term memory. This online real money cash game helps to earn by leveraging on your memory skills. Free practise games available in this mind and brain games.

In this memory match game players will have to flip tiles to see the hidden images and match similar images within other hidden tiles. There are ten levels to be completed within 5 minutes and highest scorer wins.

Each level has different types of images to be matched Insects, Reptiles, and fishes, Animals, Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, Geometric shapes.

Play Online Match 2 Memory games for Free:

The memory 2 match game, Brain train is available for free practise. Once players have familiarized themselves they can play cash games to break challenges set by other players or create new challenges. There is a time limit of 5 minutes and players will have to complete 10 levels and highest scorer wins.

How to Play Brain Train?
How to Create Challenge in Brain Train?
How to Break Challenge in Brain Train?


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