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Match 3 Game Bug’s Lyf

Bug's Lyf Tournament 

Match 3 Bug’s Lyf tournaments on Skill4Win is the best place to match them all and win it all! Bug’s lyf on Skill4win, is an easy to play but challenging to master arcade game which is the right game for all the enraptured casual gamers who love Bejeweled, Candy Crush Saga,Bubble Witch Saga and Jelly Splash. The Bug’s lyf tournaments are the perfect stage to match all your Match 3 street credits.

Match 3 Games are a type of casual puzzle games where the major task is forming lines/chains/groups of 3 or more identical elements in the game. Traditionally, the game board rows and columns that are square-patterned and filled with these elements of various types that are jumbled in chaos which the player must rotate, swipe or select to match them.

Bug’s Lyf is a match 3 game with a different spin. The elements in contention in the game are Lady Bird Bugs of multiple colors that the players need to rearrange to match the colors. The brightly colored bugs are placed in a random manner on the board and the player will have vertically or horizontally move a row or column of the bugs to form a match of same bugs around it.

Bug’s Lyf tournaments on SKill4win follows a leaderboard style gameplay, where the best of match 3 players must compete for the top champion position on the rankings and the cash prize. The tournaments have a specific start and end time during which they can register and score their best position by playing the match 3 game of Bug’s Lyf. The players can play multiple times and improve upon their score by using the rebuy option which gives the players another chance to re-enter the game and score better and climb the rankings.

There are different categories of Match 3 tournament for a player to participate in

  • Cash Tournament
  • Freeroll Tournament
  • Ticketed Tournament

Players have to register for the tournament ahead of time, since they are first-come-first-serve with only limited entries available. Players can register for a tournament by opening the game lobby from the homepage by clicking on the Cash Games link. The game lobby will open in a new window of your browser. Here, the player will find a tab called Tournaments which will list the various Match 3 tournaments scheduled. On clicking the register button, a tournament info page will be displayed with all the details about the tournament, right from start time to end time, number of participants, prize money and rebuy options available etc. Players can register themselves to the tournament by clicking on the big green register button.

Players can join the tournament by clicking the join button at the start of the tournament. The Tournament results will be updated at the end of the tournament schedule on the tournament info page. Players can upgrade and improve their pattern finding skills by playing the Bug’s Lyf practise games to win the championship.



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