Dare2Jump Game on PlaySPL

About the Dare2Jump Game

Dare2Jump is an adventurous game that will transform you into a real-life ninja, jump on floating rocks to reach your destination. The game demands a specific set of skills, the players should really try to bring out all their ninja chakra from within to crack this test.

Dare to win by throwing yourself in-air and increase your points to lead the scoreboard!

How to play Dare2Jump game online with PlaySPL

The objective of the game is to score the highest point by successfully jumping on rocks in mid air & travel as far as possible.

1. The players should touch the screen to control the movement of the ninja.

2. The players can jump from one rock to another with a certain amount of force.

3. The force is calculated as per the players touch time on screen.

4. The player can touch anywhere on the game screen.

Dare2Jump Gameplay

1. The players can jump from one rock to another with a certain amount of force that is determined by the player’s touch time on the screen.

2. The player can increase his score by 2x if he/she jumps on the exact center of the rock.

3. Be careful because the distance between the rocks will increase gradually as the player goes farther in the game.

Score Calculation

The score is calculated in two ways

1. Normal

When the player jumps anywhere on the rock other than the center point.

2. Combo

When the player jumps exactly in the center of the rock, the score is multiplied 2x for next consecutive jumps.

The Game will end If

Three lives are lost

1. The player has 3 lives in total.

2. If the player fails to land on the rock three times, the game ends.

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

PlaySPL offers a maximum amount of Rs. 1 Crore per day. With skill, players can gracefully win huge sums every day by playing PlaySPL games.

We wish you Good Luck!