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How I Earned Rs. 25,000 by Playing Online Games at Home


No. This is not a click-bait ad that you frequently see on various online sites. This is my true story about how I am earning nearly Rs. 25,000 monthly, sitting at home playing online games.

I am Pavan Kalyan, a competitive exam aspirant who spends most of the time preparing for the exams and tests that measures one’s logical and analytical reasoning. I completed my graduation degree and I am looking to get into a clerical job in government service institutes. In essence, I do not have an income and I am unemployed.


          It is a major pain-point for me because of the huge list of expenses I incur, right from my monthly mobile bill to going out for movies and spending on food and snacks. I found it very tough to go out and earn money or do a part time job as it affects my ability to focus on my exam preparations. But preparing for these exams is also an expense since any free resources available online is very limited and requires payment for the really good one.


         I was earnestly looking for options to earn money from home. Accidentally, I came across the site - Skill4win. It is an online casual game site where one can play those casual games we love playing to pass time. But the thing that caught my attention was that I could win real money by winning the games. The games are structured as challenges which I create with a high score and if others fail to break the challenge, I won real cash prizes.


           I was first hooked by game play, which was quite simple in its learning curve. But winning real cash by playing these lovely games was the clincher. I have not looked anywhere else. I am recently earned Rs. 25,000 in a month by playing and winning these games.


       The only advice I can give for people who want to try this is - Practice. Each of the games has free practice games that you can play and get used to the game mechanics. I could thus practice all the games properly before putting in real money. I practiced for nearly 2 hours every day. After which, I started playing the 20Rs challenges and moved to bigger 50Rs and the 100Rs versions.

Make your own True Story

        The reason I am sharing this story to you is to share my new found interest and help others also experience the same exhilarating experience of making hard cash from playing games that you love. Why don’t you check out Skill4Win and join me to start earning money from home? You can also Play & Earn money from home, just like me.


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