Frequently Asked Questions


You can create an account using a valid email id or your Facebook credential.

As per the terms & conditions single person should have only one account.

Please write to our support team about your account details and specify which account you want to continue using. In case if we find that you are using more than one account in our audit, we will close those account without prior notice.

We have a robust security system in place and we are constantly upgrading it. From your end you can secure your account by having a strong password and by not sharing it with anyone. In case, anything goes wrong, please write to our support team


By clicking the “Buy” button near Skill Coin balance or moving to “Add skill coins” tab in my account page, you can deposit money by using credit cards, debit card, net banking, cash cards and PayPal account.

Minimum amount is Rs 100 per transaction and maximum is Rs 5000 per day.

Payments made through Debit/Credit Card enables the details that are being processed in the Secured Server (SSL Technology) with high level security encryption. The details are transmitted in an encrypted format. At any point we do not store your card information in our system.

Bonus amount is used to encourage the players and he/she can use it for playing. At any point of time you will not be able to withdraw the bonus amount, it can only be used to play games.


You can withdraw the amount from the won cash balance. Refer ‘Account Overview’ section in ‘My Account’ Page.

You can withdraw the amount at any time by going to My Account page and click “withdraw” section. You will be asked to enter the amount and other details for the process to be complete

The minimal withdrawal amount is Rs 200.

The maximum amount one can withdraw in a single transaction is Rs 10000.

In case of payments through Cheque:-

• Your cheque will reach you within 7-15 working days from the approval of the withdrawal request.

In case of payments through Online Transfer facility:-

• You will receive the withdrawn amount directly into your given bank account within 3-5 working days from the approval of the withdrawal request.

Note: We process withdrawals only during the working days.

Are there any fees or charges for the withdrawal?

• You will get the free withdrawal once in a calendar month for online transactions. All subsequent withdrawals in the same calendar month carry a processing fee, which will be deducted from your withdrawal amount depending on the type of withdrawal.

• For Cheque transactions, You will be charged Rs.75 as processing fee for every cheque payouts, which will be deducted from your withdrawal amount.

Please refer to the below for withdrawal fees or charge details:

1. Online transfer – 10 INR

2. Cheque – 75 INR


Bonus amount is the amount gifted to the player by Skill4win as a reward for Deposits, Referring a Friend,etc... This bonus amount cannot be withdrawn. it can only be used to play games. The bonus is classified under two category Promo Bonus or Unclaimed bonus.

Promo bonus is an incentive given by Skill4Win to its members as a part of various promotional offers. The bonus amount is instantly deposited into the Promo cash of user and can be used to play real cash games.

Unclaimed bonus is an special incentive given to its members as a promotional offer but cannot be utilised instantly. The money deposited in unclaimed bonus is periodically released to promo bonus after which it can be used. The user will have to wait till the unclaimed bonus is transferred to “claimed bonus” to make use of this bonus money.

The unclaimed bonus is released to the promo cash based on certain preset conditions. The unclaimed bonus will be released as a percentage on the value of cash games a user plays. At the end of every cash game players plays unclaimed bonus will be released to promo bonus. Once released to promo cash the money can be used to play games. This money cannot be withdrawn but used only to play cash games at Skill4Win. For example a player has unclaimed bonus of Rs.100, whenever the player plays a cash game of say Rs.50, Rs.1 will be released from unclaimed bonus to promo cash at the end of the game.

The unclaimed bonus is valid for a certain period of time as per the specific offer. The unclaimed bonus needs to be converted to promo cash before the end of specific period. If the user is not able to transfer the unclaimed bonus to promo cash before the expiry date any remaining unclaimed bonus amount will expire. For example if the user has unclaimed bonus of Rs.50 and expiry date of this bonus amount is March 31st. If the user has been able to convert Rs.30 as Promo cash on March 31st, the balance of Rs.20 will expire.

The Cash Balance can be viewed in the ‘Account Overview’ section of the ‘My Accounts’ page. The Unclaimed Bonus amount, their status and their validity can be viewed by opening the ‘Bonus’ section of the ‘My Account’ page.


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