FireBall Game on PlaySPL

About the FireBall online

A fun way to spend your time is to play Fireball because players can enjoy sharpening their pool ball skills whilst winning amazing cash prizes. Pot any ball using the cue ball to earn a time bonus, pot continuously to increase your scores exponentially but play cautiously since potting cue ball’s will result in time loss.

How to play FireBall game online with PlaySPL

1. The objective of the game is to pocket as many balls as possible inorder to set a max score before the time runs out.

2. New racks of 14 balls are given again, when you are down to one.

3. Total number of balls is 15 (7 Solid + 7 Stripes) and one Black ball.

4. The players should use their skills to generate high scores to win the tournament and earn real money.

FireBall Gameplay

1. To aim at the ball, drag the cue stick in a circular direction.

2. To spin the ball, you can use the strike point option on the cue ball whenever required.

3. To take the shot, control the force by pulling down the cue stick & release it.

Game Features

1. Pot any ball (Stripe or Solid) to get 50 points + 10 seconds bonus.

2. Potting the Cue ball will result in 15 seconds penalty + decrease in multiplier by x0.5.

3. Pot 5 balls consecutively to increase multiplier by 0.5, the ball count is set as zero in the process and the player should pot 5 consecutive balls once again to get an additional multiplier.

4. If the Player successfully pots 14 balls and only one ball remains on the board, a new rack is automatically created again, with 14 balls.

5. If the Player already has an additional multiplier and misses to pocket the ball, the multiplier is reduced by X0.5.

Fouls in FireBall

When the player pockets the cue ball,

1. Time loss happens.

2. Multiplier decreases by x0.5.

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

PlaySPL offers a maximum amount of Rs. 1 Crore per day. With skill, players can gracefully win huge sums every day by playing PlaySPL games.

We wish you Good Luck!