Fish Ninja Game on PlaySPL

About the Fish Ninja Game

With deep blue aquatic visuals, Fish Ninja delivers the best underwater fun there is. The players get to shoot at different types of fishes with a cannon, the bullets magically transform into nets to successfully catch the targeted fishes, the fishes are traded for points, which can later be traded for money thus making you a real-life fisherman, so, get ready for the ultimate fun!

How to play Fish Ninja game online with PlaySPL

The objective of Fish Ninja is to catch as many fishes as possible within the time frame. The players are given a set number of bullets & time at the start of the game, he/she should shoot at the moving fishes to earn points and Time bonuses. Bullets & Time are added for every successful catch, try to keep up with the game & wait till you meet the boss of the underwater world, catch him to land yourself at the top of the leaderboard & collect your cash rewards!

Fish Ninja Gameplay

The Fish Ninja game is an underwater shooting game and it will lead you deep into the sea to experience a variety of different fish and other marine life.

1. Once you enter the Fish Ninja game, you’ll be given a predetermined number of time and bullets.

2. Tap on the targeted fishes to let the bullets fly.

3. The fishes are multi-variety with characteristics, they have different levels of bullet protection, different sizes, different movement speeds & presence on the board.

4. Each type of fish carries different points based on their size & characteristics.

5. Bullets are deducted from the player’s account when he/she shoots at the fish.

6. The players can play the game & increase their score until the game ends.

The Game will end If

1. The time ends or

2. Bullets run out.

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

PlaySPL offers a maximum amount of Rs. 1 Crore per day. With skill, players can gracefully win huge sums every day by playing PlaySPL games.

We wish you Good Luck!