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15 Ball Free Pool Game:

Free Pool Tournament


15 Ball Pool tournaments on Skill4Win is the best multiplayer variant of the 15 ball Pool game anywhere online. With multitudes of experienced players flocking to these tournaments, there is no other better stage for all the aspiring and competitive Billiards and Snooker players to showcase their mettle and prove their skills on the brilliant 15 Ball Free Pool game.

Talking of 15 Ball, otherwise called as Free Pool, is a popular casual Pool game, where the aim of the game is to pocket all 15 colored balls, numbering from 1 to 15, in the right sequence in the given time. The fastest to pocket all 15 of them is undoubtedly the winner of the tournament.

The Tournaments on Skill4win follow a Leaderboard style of competition, wherein similar to the rank lists of the age old retro games, the fastest or the highest scoring player is ranked on top and is always the winner. 15 Ball Free Pool tests the speed and accuracy of the billiards player and the best time clocked is placed on the top of the list and a player who remains on top at the end of the game is declared the winner, with other positions winning other prizes.

That begs the question about “replay” or “restart” the game to improve your position. Well, players are always welcome to do just that using the option called “Rebuy”, where the players can “buy-in” and get an additional chance to improve that score and climb further above in the leaderboard.

There are different categories of 15 ball Free Pool tournaments for a player to participate in

  • Cash Tournament
  • Freeroll Tournament
  • Ticketed Tournament

Players can participate in any of the above tournaments by clicking on the Cash Games link in the Main Menu on the site. This will open the Game Lobby in a new window where you will find the Tournament Tab. On selecting “Free Pool” game type, the various tournaments scheduled for the game will be listed. The players can now click on the register button on the tournament of their choice and it will show all the details about the tournament, right from start time to end time, number of participants, prize money and rebuy options available etc. Now, finally, clicking on the big green Register button will reserve the player a seat to compete in the tournament.

Players can start playing the tournament by clicking on the join button, after the tournament has started Tournament results will be updated at the end of the tournament schedule. Players looking to hone their 15 Ball Free Pool skills can use the practise games available in the lobby.


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