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What is Freeroll Tournament?

Freeroll Tournaments


Freeroll Tournaments are open for all and you can participate without any entry fee, but win amazing cash prizes in return.To participate in these tournaments all one has to do is register and enter. The prize pools most of the time are small compared to tournaments where a Buy-in is required, but is not always the case.

Who can join in  the tournament?

Anybody can join the Freeroll Tournaments. To play in a particular tournament all you have to is then hit the "Register Now" button. This will register you for that tournament, just follow this pattern to enter any more that you would like.

What are the benefits of winning

Freerolls are easy money options, where one can go in with nothing and come out with better. The win amounts are high for big freerolls. There is an option to “Re-buy” if you think your position is not up to mark. This can be a great advantage if you are close to the top and want to solidify or increase your position.

Freeroll Terms and Conditions

  • Freeroll Tournaments are open for all, with no “Entry Fee” or “Game Fee” levied.
  • A fee is collected every time a player makes a rebuy.
  • The tournament prizes and all other information regarding the tournaments are displayed in the tournament info page.
  • Skill4win reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the Skill4win website is offered at any time without notice.
  • These updates will take effect as soon as they are posted here. It is your responsibility to check back regularly for any changes.

Freeroll Schedule

Schedule for the FreeRoll Tournaments, Click here



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