Fruit Slash Game on PlaySPL

Spend your time slashing through some flying fruits!

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About the Fruit Slash Game

Fruit Slash is one of the most popular online mobile games. It is a fruit swipe style game in which you swipe on your screen to cut bouncing fruits to get strength while avoiding occasional Spoiled fruits.

In Fruit Slash players get to slash fruits with a blade, the blade replicates the player's touch action on the screen. The fruits randomly appear on the screen, the players are required to swipe their fingers in a slicing motion in order to slash through the fruits. Bonus points are awarded for slashing multiple fruits with a single swipe. The game ends if three fruits are missed or if the player slashes rotten fruits.

Fruit Slash is definitely one of the most popular games online and one of the most fun to play. The combos will make you a pro in the game, so, try to score as much as possible to pocket as much as possible.

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How to play Fruit Slash game online with PlaySPL

The fruits bounce from the bottom of the screen randomly and the players should show their reflex skills by slashing them effectively. The fruits carry equal points but if you slash through multiple fruits in a single swipe you’ll be given bonuses in the form of points multiplier or freeze time. The game continues as long as the player has lives to spare. The objective of the game is to score as much as possible in order to win the competition. Players will be rewarded with real cash when the tournament ends.

Fruit Slash Gameplay

1. Enter the game and become a superstar by slashing through the fruits that appear randomly from the bottom of the screen.

2. Slash & earn points.

3. Slash multiple fruits in a single swipe to earn bonuses.

Game Play/Controls

1. Once the game starts, players can swipe their finger across the screen to make a slicing gesture.

2. Players have to slice each and every fruit that’s thrown up but avoid slicing any Rotten Fruits.

3. Each missed fruit will cost one life.

4. The game ends when three lives are lost.

The Game will end If

Three lives lost by

1. Fruits missed or

2. Rotten fruits slashed.

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

PlaySPL offers a maximum amount of Rs. 1 Crore per day, with skill, players can gracefully win huge sums every day by playing PlaySPL games.

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