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How to earn more than 10K playing 8 Ball Pool game


I am Thimme Gowda KS, working in a reputed company at Karnataka. This is my real story about my experience playing 8 ball pool games in When I started I playing in Skill4Win I was not an expert in this game but now I have improved my skills a lot and I have the confidence to win and earn real money. I love playing the higher level challenges of Rs.200 and Rs.500 where I have the chance to earn it big using my skills.

Game Play

I have been playing 8 ball in various apps and sites for more than 8 years and got bored with the virtual coins and chips. That is when I came to know that Skill4Win’s 8 ball app an Indian gaming website for real cash from one of my friends. I did some research on Google about the website like established year, terms and conditions, legality, reviews and more. Once i got trustworthy about the site, then I installed the app, deposited and started to play games. I have earned more than Rs.12,000 in last 3 months by playing 8 ball pool game in Skill4Win.


Initially, I was facing a few difficulties to play with the opponent since I was new to this app and there were players who were experts than me. Once I lost most matches I realized I have to improve my game play and I started to play only practice matches in S4W 8 ball pool day by day I am getting a hold on this game and I feel proud to say I am very good at this game today. I am the one who is always online and waiting for players...that is my first and main strength.


The only pro-tips and advice to other players in practice and trained well, it's improving your gaming skill and also leads to avoid losing your money. Skill4Win App is providing free practice game for 8 ball pool that you can play and get used to understanding the game flow and strategies. Daily I could practice few games properly before I’m playing with real cash. After that, I started playing from Rs.5 tables to high tables like Rs.200, Rs.500 etc. Don't play higher value tables if you are a beginner.

Pro tip: Play at least 20 games in Rs.5 table before you start playing the higher tables.

Make your own true story

The reason why I am sharing my story with you is to share my idea, interest and to help others who want to earn cash from playing 8 ball pool online. Personally, I have referred Skill4Win website to my friends and many have started using this app for entertainment and also an opportunity to earn money.


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