Moto-Rider Game on PlaySPL

Another masterpiece from the creators of PlaySPL games! This time, you are behind the wheels of a motorbike, the fun has just begun.

About the Moto-Rider Game

Moto Rider is a bike race game that is built with immense graphics for ultimate user experience, the players get to race on a traffic highway at a mindblowing speed. The simulation represents a real-life ride on a motorbike, be careful when you cruise past other moving vehicles because even a slight bump on them will result in a crash for you. The better the speed the better your scores, try to take control of the vehicle, and use NOS for a Fast & Furious level experience.

Enjoy the ultimate on-road fun, and take the endless motor racing game to a whole new level!

How to play Fish Ninja game online with PlaySPL

The objective of Fish Ninja is to catch as many fishes as possible within the time frame. The players are given a set number of bullets & time at the start of the game, he/she should shoot at the moving fishes to earn points and Time bonuses. Bullets & Time are added for every successful catch, try to keep up with the game & wait till you meet the boss of the underwater world, catch him to land yourself at the top of the leaderboard & collect your cash rewards!

How to play Moto-Rider game online with PlaySPL

The objective of Moto Rider game is to race past other vehicles in the Highway without bumping into them, the farther you ride the higher your score. Players with the highest scores on the leaderboard will win the tournament & earn real money.

Moto-Rider Gameplay

1. Once you enter the Moto-Rider game, you will be cruising down the highway on a motorcycle.

2. Use your phone to control the movement of your vehicle, tilt the phone towards the left to move the vehicle left side, and vice versa.

3. To slow down the motorbike, use the brake that is on the gameplay screen (touch it) & use NOS for a speed boost.

4. Make near traffic misses for bonus points, with risk comes gain!

Moto-Rider Features

The thrill of riding a high-speed motorcycle on a highway can never be topped, but it sure is dangerous! Speeding cars are everywhere on the highways but with your skills, you can cruise past them like a breeze!

Test your skills, get on the Moto-Rider’s motorcycle & feel the realest experience possible.


Show the world that you’re a ruthless rider & race as fast as you can, become the best new moto rider in town! Cut through the traffic without breaking a sweat & compete against fellow riders. Behold your beast & ride till sunset on populated roads and highways!


Ride to the cliff & flag your position to claim the throne. Challenge other riders and beat them to become the fastest racer on the streets. Takeover the highways and secure your spot among millions of other players who compete for the top rank, like you. Join them and race past them on the leaderboard rankings. If you hate traffic and want to beat it, this is the perfect traffic for you, ride your heart out and win real money for it!


Moto Rider is setting the new standard within the traffic racing genre. Enjoy extremely impressive graphics & have fun while you’re at it, coz fun is what we guarantee you!

“For the record, the players can put their racing skills to test & win real cash without any life-threatening accidents!”

Prove your skills as a ruthless bike rider!