Play Newbie Tournament as soon as you join & Win Cash prizes!!

Newbie Tournaments


Register now with Skill4Win and get 100 tickets to 100 Skill4Win Newbie tournaments with prize pool worth Rs.10,000. These tournaments are exclusively for new players on Skill4win. You will be given tickets to 6 tournaments daily for the next 100 newbie only tournaments. The tickets expire on the same day so make sure you participate in the tournament and make the most of it.

Skill4win Newbie Tournament is the best way to start your Skill4win adventure as soon as you successfully register on the site. Any new member on the site is eligible to play this exclusive daily tournament. There are daily Newbie tournaments conducted for each game, that is 6 Newbie tournaments everyday. Players new to the site can immediately start playing the game they like and win tournaments with prize money of Rs.100, completely free.

Who Can Join In The Tournaments?

Anybody who joins Skill4win is eligible to participate. This tournament is “ticket” only entry and is open to only beginners or newbies who have registered to the site within 15 days of the tournament date. Players can thus play all 6 games for 15 days, that is nearly 100 tickets for 100 tournaments. These tickets for the tournament are automatically assigned to all new players.

What Are The Benefits Of Winning

First and foremost is the immediate immersion into the competitiveness of challenging players on Skill4win as soon as you join the site. There is also the prize money of Rs.100 for every tournament. With players eligible for nearly 100 tournaments, that is nearly Rs. 10,000 worth prize money up for grabs. With this much money in play, players can also “Rebuy” to better your score anytime, if you think your position is not upto mark. This can be a great advantage if you are close to the top and want to solidify or increase your position and win big moolah.

How can I Participate?

The tournaments start daily at 9 am and ends by 9 pm. Login to your Skill4Win account and click on the cash games button. A new Skill4Win game lobby will open. In the game lobby click on the “Tournament” tab. Here you will find various tournaments listed. The following are the tournaments for which you got tickets. Click on the Register button and start playing.

  • Newbie Aqua Adventure
  • Newbie Bug's Lyf
  • Newbie Brain Train
  • Newbie Spooky Splash
  • Newbie 9 Balls
  • Newbie FreePool

Players can also use the rebuy option to post a better score. The rebuy fee is Rs.5

Terms and Conditions

      • The tournament prizes and all other information regarding the tournaments are displayed in the tournament info page.
      • Skill4win reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the Skill4win website is offered at any time without notice
      • These updates will take effect as soon as they are posted here. It is your responsibility to check back regularly for any changes.
      • Existing players are not eligible to participate in the tournament. Players found with duplicate accounts and other devious means will be barred from the site.
      • The tickets expire the same day and cannot be reused



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