Rummy is the most popular card game played where you have to match cards as per a sequences. If you’re new to play real rummy online don’t worry, here you will learn the basic of rummy and how to play online rummy. Once you understand the basic rules and strategies of rummy games, you will be rocking the rummy world. 

The Objective of the Rummy Game

The objective of the Indian rummy game or 13 card rummy game is to place all the 13 cards to be formed into a group of sequences or sets.  

Cards in Rummy

The cards game is played either with one set of 52 cards or multiple set of 52 cards. Each set of cards also have two jokers which can be used to form a sequence of set. The cards are ranked low to high from 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and points are awarded to the respective number. This a card with number 2 has 2 points and card with number 5 has 5 points. Cards J, Q, K, A have 10 points each.

Sequences in Rummy

A sequence in rummy is formed by arranging 3 or 4 cards in sequence. Arranging cards in sequence of a number create a set. A three set can have 3 cards of the sme suits in a sequence 3,4,5 or A,2,3 or four cards in sequence of 10,J,Q,K,A.

Pure Sequence in Rummy

A pure sequence is formed when three or four cards of the same suits are placed in an order without the use of Joker or wild card.

Impure Sequence in Rummy

An impure sequence is one where three or four cards of same suits or grouped together with the help of wild card or Joker

Sets of cards in Rummy

A set of card is formed when three or Four cards of the same value but different suits are grouped together.


Not a valid Set in Rummy: Please note if more than one suit of card of the same value is formed within the same group it is not considered as a valid set.

5 spade, 5 spade, 5 hearts


Minimum two to maximum 6 players can play rummy online games


  • The number of decks is based on the no. of players for each game
  • In a single regular deck pack, there are 52 cards and 2 printed jokers or wild card. Usually, we use 2 decks for Point Rummy and the Pool Rummy, it does not depend upon the no. of players.


  • The opening of all games you will receive 13 cards.
  • The undealt set of cards is positioned face down, assemble the closed deck. The subsequent card in the set is positioned face up arranging a new discard pile.

Joker or Wild Card

At the start of every game, players receive 13 cards and the last opened up card in the deck is called Joker or Wild Card. The rest of the other cards are faced down and turn into the common closed deck or stack of cards.

In the deck, all cards as the same number are considered as Jokers and also called as Cut Joker.

For Example: Opened up Joker card is 5 means all the set of 5 like 5♠ 5♥ 5♣ 5♦ as Joker. So that number of Joker cards in a deck is 4.

In each deck, printed jokers of 2 cards also added. These cards have the image of a real clown drawn on them. These cards don’t have any point value, simply it’s considered as the Joker or wild card. These cards can be used as a alternate for all cards to form a sequence of sets.

Joker Card   Joker Card


Validation Rules

You must know the validation rules to play rummy online or real rummy card game. The validation rules of rummy game are given below:

  • Using 13 cards rummy in your hand, you need to match at least one original or pure sequence. Pure Sequence means you form a set without using any joker card. It is a set of cards of the same suit.
pure sequence 
pure sequence   pure sequence 


pure sequence    pure sequence   pure sequence   
pure sequence
  • Using of 13 cards in your hand, you have to match another set sequence called impure sequence. If you’re used to forming a set with a joker card known as an impure sequence.
impure sequence 
impure sequence   impure sequence 


impure sequence    impure sequence   impure sequence   
impure sequence
  • The resting cards of 13 can be formed into valid sequences. It may be pure sequence or an impure sequence of the same point value cards.

For Example, 8 of spades is the cut joker sequence be like

joker sequence 
joker sequence    joker sequence    joker sequence

As per the above explanation the below set is not permitted in the rummy game.

pure sequence 
pure sequence   pure sequence 


pure sequence    pure sequence   pure sequence   

Rummy Game Play

Playing online rummy free or cash both are simple and easy. The player has to start the game by picking the first card from the closed deck or pick the discarded card from the Discard Pile, which the card discarded from the previous player.

Now, the player has 14 cards in his/her hand, player must discard one card to the discard pile. Then the chance goes to the next player. The game is forwarded in a turn wise mode to anyone completes his/her 4 sets and declares. The player’s points are considered on the basis of their non-set cards.


  • Once the player has arranged the 4 correct sequences of the 13 cards, he/ she should show/declare the game.
  • Before the declaration, player must recheck the set of sequences, it is correctly matched and grouped or not.
  • If cards are correctly matched and grouped, according to the above validation rules,the first player will win the game.
  • If the cards are incorrectly matched or grouped, you get a full point that is 80 points for invalid declaration.
  • If you win the game, you get the points value of the opponent players

Winning Hand

  • In the rummy cash game, one pure sequence set is required for winning the hand
  • Another set is an impure sequence, with or without using a Joker or wild card.
  • And the remaining 2 sets could be the sequence of the same value points.


  • You want to save your points always you can drop out the game.
  • You will get some penalty points for drops out, based on the game type
  • Drop out is the better strategy for a rummy player, if your cards are really bad.
  • The drop out points is differing according to the time of the drop. Compared to middle drop out, the game beginning drop points is lesser.

Other Rummy Rules

If you’re declared in the first round of the game, you will not get the full points of other players; the value is calculated as the middle drop of deduction points.

  • After the card distribution, you exit the table by dropping your cards, it’s considered as a full point that is 80.
  • You can arrange the set consist of minimum 3 and above 4 cards of different suits.

Hope you become master in the rules of rummy game, are ready to play rummy online for cash?


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