How to Become a Star Player and Earn Money in Skill4Win?
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Star Players

Skill4win hosts many enthusiastic players who have shown consistent skill levels that make them a 'STAR' among others. These players become our 'Skill4win Star Player'.

If you have what it takes to be a star player challenge them and break their high scores! Enjoy multiple benefits by playing more and challenging more. Become the next Skill4win Star Player

Star Player-Pavan Kalyan

How I Earned Rs. 25,000 by Playing Online Games at Home-Pavan Kalyan

I am Pavan Kalyan, a competitive exam aspirant who spends most of the time preparing for the exams and tests that measures one’s logical and analytical reasoning. This is my true story about how I am earning nearly Rs. 25,000 per month sitting at home playing games at



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