What is Ticketed Tournament?

Ticketed Tournament


Skill4Win hosts special tournaments that can be played only using special Tickets that a player wins, earns or is awarded. The ticket works as the entry fee for the game. The ticketed tournaments can be a beginners tournament, a depositors- only tournament or even an exclusive VIP tournament. In each case the entry is only through a ticket specifically assigned for a particular tournament.

Who can join in the tournament?

Players who have been awarded the special tickets are eligible to play in the tournaments. Tickets can be won as a part of a prize from a previous tournament, it can be bought using real cash like in real life or it can be awarded specifically by Skill4Win to a player who is eligible. This entry criteria is the only thing setting these apart from the rest of the tournaments. But the competitive fun, the entertainment value and the oomph is on an whole new level for exclusive club of tournaments.

Ticketed Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets are mandatory eligibility criteria for a ticketed tournament.
  • Players who have no tickets in possession cannot participate in such tournaments.
  • Ticket can awarded to a player by Skill4win in cases like- winning it in another tournament as prize or buying the ticket directly.
  • Tickets have a specific validity, before which it should be used, or otherwise it can become void.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to other players and cannot be en-cashed by a player.
  • A fee is collected every time a player makes a re-buy.
  • The tournament prizes and all other information regarding the tournaments are displayed in the tournament info page.
  • Skill4Win reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the Skill4win website is offered at any time without notice.
  • These updates will take effect as soon as they are posted here. It is your responsibility to check back regularly for any changes.



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